cardamom seeds and biscuit

Various Options on How to Enjoy Cardamoms

Cardamoms are expensive spices from the ginger family. Originally from the Indian Peninsula, it is now grown in different countries like Guatemala and Indonesia. The most important part of the plant are the seeds which grow inside pods, harvested and dried. There are two kinds of cardamom seeds being sold commercially, the green cardamom and the black cardamom.

These tropical seeds are widely known for their health benefits. At Nature Made Cures, cardamoms are listed as natural remedies to some digestive, circulatory, and respiratory problems. They are also used in alleviating sexual problems in men, can improve skin and hair conditions, fight bad breath, help in weight loss and, possess anti-oxidant properties that can prevent cancer.

Cardamoms have a combined citrusy, minty, spicy and herbal flavor. Traditionally, the seeds were eaten in whole or by crushing them to bits before using them as a flavoring of cooked food. These days, cardamom seeds are processed into essential oils and powder for the following amazing uses to enjoy its distinct flavor and health benefits.

Spice Up Your Dishes

Its distinct flavor makes it a favorite spice of culinary artists and chefs worldwide. It gives additional taste to a rather dull menu at home. Try it on meat dishes like meatballs, fried chicken or any fish dish, and you will have a new tasty meal on your dining table. You can even sprinkle some cardamom powder on your vegetable salad to give it a fresh feel. And if you are not yet satisfied with its exotic taste, try sprinkling cardamom powder on your deserts.

Healthier Snacks

cardamom biscuitTry baking some of your cakes with cardamoms, and you will discover entirely new additions to your vast cake recipes. They are just perfect for cheesecakes, cinnamon bread, pies, and puddings.

Give a new twist to your favorite jam. It will surely mix well with cardamom powder. Try sprinkling small amounts of cardamom powder into your kid’s snacks so they can be accustomed to the taste. Yogurt or home-made ice cream will surely become power snacks when sprinkled with cardamom powder.

Level Up Your Wine and Coffee

Concoct a new taste of your favorite wine by combining it with cardamom. You will have an aromatic blend of wine and herbs. You can also blend it with your coffee to give you the extra punch.


The citrusy and minty aroma will definitely relax a weary soul.

Potent Topical

Because cardamoms are good for the skin and hair, cardamom essential oil is effective when used as topicals. You may use it to massage tired muscle groups while relaxing at home.

black cardamomFresh Chewing Gums

Cardamoms are known to work effectively against bad breath. Bubblegums with cardamoms make sure that you have fresh and minty breath. Without cardamom-flavored bubble gums, you can just chew a seed or two and avoid the embarrassment of having bad breath.

A cardamom is indeed a wonder plant with its many health benefits. It is even made more wonderful with the various fantastic ways to enjoy its beneficial properties.