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Health Benefits of Proper Handwashing

Forget those complicated medical procedures if you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can simply start by washing your hands properly several times a day. With it being an important thing to do, doctors even suggest bringing around a hand soap, either bars or liquids, wherever you go. One may have different preferences, such as the aroma and the container, but it should not be a problem at all.

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Properly washing your hands several times a day also has several benefits for your health. Scientific studies often classify human hands as a danger zone where thousands of different germs gather. You are lucky if you have a strong immune system, but different people may have different conditions. For that reason, proper handwashing is advisable to prevent the risks of getting ill. The matter of the unhygienic environment is still one of the leading causes of such diseases. In addition to it, proper handwashing also has several other advantages, and below are the detailed explanations.

Safer and Healthier Environment

brown soap barsSome may argue that they do not need to wash their hands properly since they are not in an unhealthy environment. This statement is, of course, misleading since it is not only about what kind of environment you are in, but it is also about how you can do small things to change the environment around you. Medical staffs and hospitals are some examples of how proper handwashing is expected to create a safer and healthier environment. Schools have also started to follow this movement by requiring their students to wash their hands before entering the class. Although not all schools agree with this philosophy, it is still relieving that more and more schools have put this movement in their curriculum.

Prevention of Intestinal Diseases

Intestinal diseases may not be lethal, but at some point, if it is left without proper treatments, it can also lead to death. Instead of treating the illnesses, it will be a much better option if people focus on prevention. One way to do so is to wash your hands. Bacteria and germs cause more than half of intestinal diseases, and they usually find their way to your stomach through foods that you touch with your dirty hands. Besides intestinal disorders, deliberately avoiding proper handwashing can also cause respiratory issues and eye infections.

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Various Options on How to Enjoy Cardamoms

Cardamoms are expensive spices from the ginger family. Originally from the Indian Peninsula, it is now grown in different countries like Guatemala and Indonesia. The most important part of the plant are the seeds which grow inside pods, harvested and dried. There are two kinds of cardamom seeds being sold commercially, the green cardamom and the black cardamom.

These tropical seeds are widely known for their health benefits. At Nature Made Cures, cardamoms are listed as natural remedies to some digestive, circulatory, and respiratory problems. They are also used in alleviating sexual problems in men, can improve skin and hair conditions, fight bad breath, help in weight loss and, possess anti-oxidant properties that can prevent cancer.

Cardamoms have a combined citrusy, minty, spicy and herbal flavor. Traditionally, the seeds were eaten in whole or by crushing them to bits before using them as a flavoring of cooked food. These days, cardamom seeds are processed into essential oils and powder for the following amazing uses to enjoy its distinct flavor and health benefits.

Spice Up Your Dishes

Its distinct flavor makes it a favorite spice of culinary artists and chefs worldwide. It gives additional taste to a rather dull menu at home. Try it on meat dishes like meatballs, fried chicken or any fish dish, and you will have a new tasty meal on your dining table. You can even sprinkle some cardamom powder on your vegetable salad to give it a fresh feel. And if you are not yet satisfied with its exotic taste, try sprinkling cardamom powder on your deserts.

Healthier Snacks

cardamom biscuitTry baking some of your cakes with cardamoms, and you will discover entirely new additions to your vast cake recipes. They are just perfect for cheesecakes, cinnamon bread, pies, and puddings.

Give a new twist to your favorite jam. It will surely mix well with cardamom powder. Try sprinkling small amounts of cardamom powder into your kid’s snacks so they can be accustomed to the taste. Yogurt or home-made ice cream will surely become power snacks when sprinkled with cardamom powder.

Level Up Your Wine and Coffee

Concoct a new taste of your favorite wine by combining it with cardamom. You will have an aromatic blend of wine and herbs. You can also blend it with your coffee to give you the extra punch.


The citrusy and minty aroma will definitely relax a weary soul.

Potent Topical

Because cardamoms are good for the skin and hair, cardamom essential oil is effective when used as topicals. You may use it to massage tired muscle groups while relaxing at home.

black cardamomFresh Chewing Gums

Cardamoms are known to work effectively against bad breath. Bubblegums with cardamoms make sure that you have fresh and minty breath. Without cardamom-flavored bubble gums, you can just chew a seed or two and avoid the embarrassment of having bad breath.

A cardamom is indeed a wonder plant with its many health benefits. It is even made more wonderful with the various fantastic ways to enjoy its beneficial properties.

Standard density

Features Foam Roller Blue Xoom

Foam rollers have continued to gain a broad popularity over the years as trainers are continuing to tell clients of the so many benefits they can gain when using the foam roller blue Xoom. Keep in mind, the acceptance of the foam roller blue Xoom has raised over the past few years due to the new designs that have been developed and new features. Every industry is trying to come up with a foam roller that that has features that will benefit the customers more when they are using the foam rollers. The Foam Roller blue Xoom has the following features that make them the best to use when working out.


Standard density

Standard densityThe foam rollers that have standard density they will have a medium firmness that makes them ideal for working out and self-massage. They will just have enough hardness that is required for self-massaging while giving you comfort. The standard density will be helpful when someone is doing Pirates or taking up yoga classes.

Soft density

Soft density foam rollers blue Xoom will have more cushion that’s what makes them softer. They are designed for those people that are seeking comfort more that self-massage. Because of the feature that they have the soft density foam roller, they will be gentle on your muscles, and they will still be in the same form even after using for so long.

Firm density

The firm density will be so helpful for those people that want the deeper, and intense massage. Athletes are the once that completely benefit from using the foam roller that is of firm density because they have tight and tense tissues that need relaxing. The firmness will break up the constricted fascia, and this will lead to the muscles recovering.
When it comes to the shape, they are either long or cylindrical, and the diameter is three feet long or sometimes even six inches. But the shape and the size of the rollers will vary. The following are some of the sizes and shapes that are available

Smaller in length

Being smaller in length, they will be useful when someone is trying to massage those smaller areas on the body. Usually used by runners

Smaller diameter

Foam rollers blue Xoom with a small diameter will cause them to be stable and lower to the floor. Often used by those people that are undergoing physical therapy.

Unique texture

Standard densityThe foam rollers blue Xoom they will have unique features like the ridges or spikes that will provide that intense massage on the body.


Modafinil Facts You Need To Know

Modafinil is mostly used for patients with sleeping disorders. This is mostly used for those patients with excessive sleep. It is a drug that is used to improve wakefulness of the patient. However, it may also be used any other condition that may be prescribed by the doctor. It mainly works by altering the chemical composition of the neurotransmitter cells in the brain by improving its metabolic rate thus keeping the patient awake. You can learn more about Modafinil from their website.

More about Modafinil drug

Used on patients with these sleeping disorders

Modafinil drugObstructive Sleep Apnea
One should note that this drug should not replace the treatment your doctor may have prescribed for you. This is because it does not treat the condition causing OSA. One should contact their doctor first before they begin taking it.

This is a disorder which is characterized by recurrent and uncontrollable feeling to sleep, hallucinations and sleeps paralysis.

Shift work disorder
This is characterized by feeling sleepy when one is expected to be awake, feeling that one has had an insufficient sleep including others.

Precautions before use

Some medical conditions can get worse when one uses Modafinil. One should explain to the doctor or pharmacist if they are suffering from any medical condition before using the drug. If a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the days that she is supposed to take the drug, then it is advisable for her not to take the drug. If you are also taking some dietary supplement or on herbal treatment, then you should avoid the drug at all costs. One should also tell the doctor or pharmacist of any allergies that they may be suffering from so as to avoid complicating the situation.

How to use Modafinil safely

Modafinil should always be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Other dosing instructions are usually written on the attached leaflet. It is good to go through the leaflet so as to get firsthand information on what you need to do. Modafinil should be taken in the morning unless instructed otherwise. If you are using Modafinil for night shifts, it is better to take the drug at least an hour before reporting to work. If you miss a dose for one reason or another, it is advisable to take it at the earliest time possible. It is important to note that this drug should not be used in children.

Side effects

Common side effects include a headache, nervousness, having a dry mouth, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea among others. The serious side effects include but are not limited to hallucinations, irregular heartbeats, fever, and depression among others.


OverdosageThere exists no specific antidote in case one overdose on this drug. In the case of overdose, the patient should be managed through primary support care and monitor their cardiovascular.

It is important to note that Modafinil will not cure the disorder. It should not take the place of having enough sleep. One should follow what their doctor has to say concerning healthy sleeping habits and combining Modafinil with other treatment options.