Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast cancer strikes millions of women in the world. Statics confirm that at least one in every eight women in America is at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. The battle against breast cancer can be fought in many ways. One of the popular ways is a mastectomy, which essentially means complete removal of the affected breast tissue. After going for a mastectomy, the effects can be real and sustainable. However, the effects of a mastectomy can be addressed by breast reconstruction.

Why breast reconstructionBreast Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction is a form cosmetic surgery aimed at restoring the femininity and confidence of a woman. This can be a huge boost to their self-esteem and their relationships as well. The advancement in cosmetic surgery has given breast restoration for cancer survivors a huge boost thanks to the many options offered by developments in cosmetic surgery as well. That said, here are some considerations to make before looking at the options available for breast cancer.

Factors to consider

As previously highlighted, there are many breast reconstruction options today. The reconstruction method used depends on many things. This could be things like the stage of cancer, the time you want the exercise to be done (immediately after or after some time), the type of surgical operation you has, the amount tissue available for reconsideration, and the possibility of having other cancer treatments.

Breast reconstruction options

When it comes to breast reconstruction, the main issue tends to be about the symmetry. It could be that only one breast needs to be reconstructed or it might be the two. Here are some breast enlargement options aimed at leaving you with natural looking breasts.

Use of implants

Implants are flexible bags inserted in breasts to give them a fuller look. In most instance, you have an expander placed in the breast, after which it is replaced with an implant. Use of implants is mainly employed when you need to increase your volume.

Use of your tissue

Breast Reconstruction OptionsModern breast restoration practices can now use the skin tissue and fats from other parts of the body to recreate a breast. This operation is considered to be friendly and non-invasive considering that the tissue used in not foreign but their own.

Use of implants and tissue

A combination of both tissues and implants is a god option for women with large breast. As much as they might prefer using their tissues, you are likely to find that the donor tissue will not be enough.