Amazing Health Benefits and Effects of sr9009

SR9009 popular known as stenabolic, was initially designed for the athletes’, bodybuilders and weightlifters to improve their quality of life and general well-being.

Weight Loss

weight loss

If you have been struggling with weight loss, then this is the right product for you. Most people have who found it hard to achieve weight loss in the gym have decided to use this product t because it is very efficient in the burning of fat which facilities weight loss by increasing glucose metabolism in the liver. Therefore, glucose will be stored instead of fat. 

Additionally, it also increases calorie metabolism to ensure no fat is stored but instead, it helps in reducing the fat which had already be stored in the body. It also improves basal metabolic rate, which ensures there is effective metabolism on fats to ensure that effectively lose weight.

Promotes Endurance

This drug will effectively increase stamina regardless of whether you are an athlete or a bodybuilder. Once it is used, it will help you develop endurance alongside your exercises or workouts and eventually you will achieve great results.

It Reduces Inflammation


This is one of the recommended drugs for inflammation because of its efficiency and response. People who have inflammation can greatly benefit from this product because it gets rid of old mitochondria to allow the new generation of new ones. It greatly reduces pain which can be developed as a result of strenuous exercises.


Side Effects

Despite its uses among the bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, this drug also has some side effects. Using it to increase muscle growth and stamina can put your other organs at risk. This can result in the shrinking of testicles because it brings irregularities and negative effects on the prostate.

Additionally, there are some reports that it also leads to insomnia which disrupts your sleep patterns and may end up staying awake all through the night.

Finally, the most important thing is to adhere to the dosage to ensure you reap the most benefits and experience fewer side effects. If you experience any side effects be prompt enough to consult your doctor before it gets out of hand. Some of the side effects can lead to serious problems that can further develop into chronic infections. If left unattended, it can be life-threatening.