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Health Benefits of Proper Handwashing

Forget those complicated medical procedures if you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can simply start by washing your hands properly several times a day. With it being an important thing to do, doctors even suggest bringing around a hand soap, either bars or liquids, wherever you go. One may have different preferences, such as the aroma and the container, but it should not be a problem at all.

a bottle of liquid soap

Properly washing your hands several times a day also has several benefits for your health. Scientific studies often classify human hands as a danger zone where thousands of different germs gather. You are lucky if you have a strong immune system, but different people may have different conditions. For that reason, proper handwashing is advisable to prevent the risks of getting ill. The matter of the unhygienic environment is still one of the leading causes of such diseases. In addition to it, proper handwashing also has several other advantages, and below are the detailed explanations.

Safer and Healthier Environment

brown soap barsSome may argue that they do not need to wash their hands properly since they are not in an unhealthy environment. This statement is, of course, misleading since it is not only about what kind of environment you are in, but it is also about how you can do small things to change the environment around you. Medical staffs and hospitals are some examples of how proper handwashing is expected to create a safer and healthier environment. Schools have also started to follow this movement by requiring their students to wash their hands before entering the class. Although not all schools agree with this philosophy, it is still relieving that more and more schools have put this movement in their curriculum.

Prevention of Intestinal Diseases

Intestinal diseases may not be lethal, but at some point, if it is left without proper treatments, it can also lead to death. Instead of treating the illnesses, it will be a much better option if people focus on prevention. One way to do so is to wash your hands. Bacteria and germs cause more than half of intestinal diseases, and they usually find their way to your stomach through foods that you touch with your dirty hands. Besides intestinal disorders, deliberately avoiding proper handwashing can also cause respiratory issues and eye infections.